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What Our Seniors Are Saying About Our Centers

Testimonial from Jack North Rockland Senior Center:

"I enjoy the people...I like to take trips...(like) Bear Mountain. We're supposed to go to the Statue of Liberty...Museum of Natural History. All these are extracurricular, they charter a bus for us and we pay (for them)...I play Bingo, I do jigsaw puzzles...come on down and give it a try. You won't know until you give it a try!"

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Testimonial from Lucy from Pearl River/Clarkstown Senior Center:

"I am not a connoisseur of senior citizen organizations but...I have been to other organizations... I would say that Meals on Wheels is the best by far in all of the nation...They have everything the senior needs...the ambiance is very festive every time I come...Not dull, not dreary, that's what (we) need!"

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Testimonial from Harriet Pearl River/Clarkstown Senior Center:

"Really nice by a wonderful staff. I like chatting with the ladies and gentlemen...we take little trips...the driver Bill puts on wonderful music on the bus and that's a wonderful experience...(I participate in) the book club...keeps you active, keeps you informed...a good way to spend the day!"

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Testimonial from Joanne Pearl River/Clarkstown Senior Center:

"It's's relaxing...I do word puzzles all the we're helping with decorations for Valentine's Day...sometimes I eat their food, sometimes I bring my own...they will pick you up and bring you's easy for me!"

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Testimonial from Joan North Rockland Senior Center:

"I've been coming here for 14 years...I like gabbing, eating, month we are going to the Cracker Barrel...we've been to the casino in Yonkers (where I like to play) the (slot) machines...I mostly love talking to the people, it's something to do with the day!"

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Testimonial from Betty North Rockland Senior Center:

"I stopped driving in August...I had to find something to gets me out of the house, I'm 92...I like the activites, the exercise (like)...the bag toss, the nutritious meals, the games. I tell everyone you have to get out, it's good for your mind, you have to keep yourself busy. We're very lucky to have a place like this to come to!"

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Jean LaBosco

Phone: (845) 624-6325
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