Meals on Wheels Rockland

Youth and Families

When youth volunteer, they gain a range of benefits, from self-esteem, to social responsibility. Volunteering helps to expose the youth to populations they might not usually interact with in their day-to-day lives. Not only can they gain communication and critical thinking skills, but they can also develop a love for giving back as well as add to their resume!

Home Delivery

As a family Meal Delivery Service can be very rewarding experience Meals on Wheels provides peace of mind to caregivers and older adults by delivering nutritious meals to any Rockland resident who cannot shop or cook for themselves due to illness, physical disability or advanced age. In addition to the daily meal, caring volunteers eliver a friendly, personal connection, a safety check, and an important link to the greater community. Home delivered meals, along with all of our services, are part of a greater continuum of care that enable older adults to remain as independent as possible and living in their own home.

Meal Delivery Instructions
Commissary Assistance

Assist with meal preparation for all our programs in our commissary located in Nanuet. Volunteer opportunities exist Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. The commissary is not open on the weekends. Individuals may serve during non-school days. Must be over 12 years of age. NO NEED TO REGISTER. To volunteer enter through the first loading dock door in the back of the building. The door will be labeled Meals on Wheels Central commissary.

Commissary Instructions
Miles of Smiles

Provide a healthy smile volunteering with Meals On Wheels Senior Dental Care! Did you know poor oral health affects the whole body? Bacteria built up on teeth and gums can cause multiple complications such as pneumonia, stroke, heart disease and more. Let's keep our participants smile brightly by creating a handy bag with all one needs to guarantee a health smile. Volunteers Needed! MUST USE Miles of Smiles instructions to complete.

Miles of Smiles Instructions
Blizzard Boxes

This emergency food program evolved to insure that the Agency's homebound recipients have a sufficient supply of non-perishable food items in case of weather related emergency. Donated shelf-stable food items are collected and packed into donated shoe boxes as complete meals. Boxes are completed and then delivered to the volunteer program coordinator. Each completed box is equal to one community service hour. MUST USE Blizzard Box instructions to complete.

Blizzard Box Instructions
Cards and Crafts

Many of us look forward to celebrating Holidays with the ones we love, but for others, it can be very lonesome. Holidays of any kind can lead to extra heartache for those who may have lost somebody close to them. You can partner with Meals on Wheels to make cards for seniors to help brighten their day. Caring Cards & Crafts is a great project for students, teachers, youth groups and families.The cards & crafts are simple, handmade cutouts, but the thought and meaning behind each one is so much greater. The cards are filled with love, good wishes and even poetry.

Cards and Crafts Instructions


Michelle Gebbia

Phone: (845) 624-6325
Fax: (845) 624-6335

Scout Tours

Attend a scout tour. The agency is a not for profit providing a myriad of services to the disabled and the homebound across Rockland County.

  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Senior Activity Centers
  • Adult Day Care Center
  • Adult Learning Center
  • And much more!

At the end of the tour make a craft or card that will be hand delivered out to a homebound senior to brighten their day.

Students Assisting Meals (SAM)

If you are a high school student interested in participating in community service, we have a great opportunity for you. Students Assisting Meals (SAM) consists of students who want to either participate in agency fund raising events (e.g. Golf Outing, 10K Run, Senior Wellness Expo & Walk) or run their own fund raisers (e.g. car wash, bake sales, etc.) to benefit Meals on Wheels. Volunteering with Meals on Wheels enables students to learn about the needs of seniors in our community, but also reaps personal benefits for students

  • Making a difference in someone's life
  • Learning and developing skills
  • Enhancing your college applications
  • Building self-confidence
  • Meeting new people
  • Feeling needed and valued
  • Communicating that you care about the community
  • Making networking contacts
  • Learn about Rockland's senior population
  • Raise funds for local senior centers and homebound meal recipients