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Giving Funds

The Henry Solomon Recognition Wall

The Henry Solomon Recognition Wall is offered as a way for donors to honor or remember specific individuals, groups or businesses while also making an investment in the future of Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels is very grateful to Michael Solomon, a past agency Trustee, whose generosity turned the dream of the recognition wall into reality. Donations toward the Wall are designated toward the agency's endowment.

The acrylic and bronze mural offers depictions of houses, various size cars or leaves that can be engraved with the names of individuals, groups or businesses. Groups of individuals may pool their resources to cumulatively inscribe a house, car or leaf as a commemorative gift. It is a wonderful way for family members to recognize a special birthday, anniversary or event or pay tribute to someone in a meaningful way.

The donation categories are as follows:

  • Houses - $10,000
  • Large Cars - $5,000
  • Medium Cars - $2,500
  • Small Cars - $1,000
  • Leaves - $500

Gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, and bequests. For amounts of $2,500 and above, cumulative pledges over a three year period are allowed. All gifts are 100% tax deductible. If the company you work for offers a Matching Gift program, please suggest that your employer support your donation with matching funds.

The Henry Solomon Recognition Wall was made possible through the Solomon Family's generosity.

The Patricia Zugibe & Jack Holt Fund

The fund was established in 2008 in honor of two very special individuals whose support and generosity have made a significant impact on Meals on Wheels.

Alzheimer's disease robs an individual of his or her ability to love and enjoy their family while placing an extraordinary burden on the family as a whole. Our Bobbi Lewis Adult Day Center is designed to provide a safe haven for its participants suffering the effects of Alzheimer's, offering them structured programs in a warm caring environment. An added benefit of this program is the respite it affords caregivers.

Since the establishment of the Zugibe-Holt fund in 2008, Meals on Wheels has taken $2,500 from the proceeds of the Harvest Moon Gala each year to make it possible for a client attending the Bobbi Lewis Adult Day Program to participate at least an additional two days per month. Many clients and their families have been helped this way by the fund.

The Aaron & Thelma Sandler Endowment Fund

An Endowment allows the principal investment to remain intact in perpetuity, but permits interest from the fund to be used as needed by the agency to maintain ongoing programs and services. Thus donations to the Endowment have a greater impact over a longer period of time. No one is guaranteed independence for life, and few of us escape the responsibility of caring for aging loved ones. Isn't it comforting to know that Meals on Wheels programs and services will be available when we need them?

The agency is grateful to Mrs. Shelly Berger, founder and former Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland, for her generous donation that created the fund. The fund is named in memory of Shelly's parents, Aaron & Thelma Sandler.

Tax Deductible Donations

Tax deductible donations may be made by check made out to Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland, Inc at 121 West Nyack Road, Nanuet, New York 10954 or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards by calling (845) 624-6325.


Stephen Papas

Phone: (845) 624-6325

Giving Funds Donation

Choose how much you want to donate and then click on the PayPal button. This will bring you to a page where you can donate using a credit card or by using your PayPal account:

House ($10,000)

Large Car ($5,000)

Medium Car ($2,500)

Small Car ($1,000)

Leaf ($500)

Unless your donation is restricted in writing, Meals on Wheels will use its discretion in the prudent use of the donation for the benefit of its clientele.

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