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Thank you very much for your interest in exploring volunteer internship opportunities at Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland. The agency offers internships to students in a variety of departments including social work (including art therapy), finance and accounting, nutrition & food service, volunteer management, and fundraising and marketing.

Important considerations for internships at Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland:

  • Although our internships are unpaid, if your college or university offers academic credit, we are happy to provide required documentation to students' institution of higher learning.
  • Internship hours are during regular business hours. Specific days and times are flexible.
  • All intern candidates must complete an internship application and interview.
  • Interns are expected to dress appropriately for a professional office and abide by all agency policies.
  • Interning at Meals on Wheels is a great way to gain knowledge, build leadership and learn new skills. We look forward to providing a great learning experience for motivated students.

For more information on internships contact Volunteer Program Coordinator, Sharon Martini at or at 845/624-6325.


Marilyn Zurlnick

Phone: (845) 624-6325

For information on any of our job listings, please call (845) 624-6325 or fax your resume and cover sheet to (845) 624-6335, attention Human Resource Department.

Non Discrimination Policy

Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland, Inc. promotes equal opportunity for all people without regard for race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, lifestyle, sexual orientation, or disability.

Nyack College Senior Interns in Social Work Department

Christene Bogle is a senior in Nyack College. Last semester she was granted the opportunity to volunteer at one of the agency's Senior Activity Centers located in downtown Nyack. She found that to be a very rewarding experience. "It is truly amazing to see how much love, time and effort this nonprofit organization put in for our seniors and because of this experience." She is now interning at Meals on Wheels in the social work Department. "I am learning so much in this department and I am enjoying my experience. I am absolutely honored to now be a part of this helping, giving, caring experience and I am looking forward to this year. Thank you Meals On Wheels!"

Dominican College Seior Interns at Bobbi Lewis

Deset Seyoum is a senior social work student at Dominican College. She is going to intern at Meals on Wheels at the Adult Day Care of Rockland at the Bobbi Lewis Center. Here she will be working with Alzheimer and Dementia population. "The staff has been very welcoming to me and told me that they are willing to help me in any way they can. I used to think Meals on Wheels just delivered food. But I am learning that they do other things beyond delivering meals to meet senior citizens wellbeing. All these experiences are helping me to live out my dream of being a social worker."